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The NOW and THEN project began with a visit to an archeological site in Byblos close to Beirut and by pairing ceramics and metalwork, references elements both, architectural and historic. What held particular interest was the nature of change -how our ability to re-purpose and find alternative uses for things and the context in which we place those things, alters them. For example, on a bigger level were the huge, once vertical pillars in Byblos, which as fallen objects became structural details of walls. How what were once vertical layers functioned when they became horizontal. And on a much smaller level how we re-purpose the everyday objects in our homes. 

Key was the notion of inheritance, heritage and status and, as humans, our dialogue with objects. What we as individuals see as precious, and how we decide what is worthy of putting into our jars, boxes and containers. 

Referencing the traditions of burial objects and the significant number of ceramic and metal 'grave goods' found in Byblos, the resulting containers paired with their metal tools took on an anthropomorphic quality, becoming almost like soldiers guarding the things inside. The notion of potential functionality to be unearthed by “future archeologists”. 

In collaboration with Natascha Madeiski

Year: 2015

















photography: Lol Johnson
art direction / styling: Daniel Michael Hubbard




photography / art direction: Vanya Sacha